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Mapleton Gun Club Newsletter 01-07-2021

We wanted to update some news items for the club.  What a year 2020 was for operating.  Just when we thought we had saw everything something new would be thrown at us. 

  1. Everyone is probably aware that memberships for 2021 are now due.  You have to March 2021 to renew without penalty.

  2. That being said there have been many problems with memberships being received and membership cards being mailed back to the member.

  3. The mail is being delayed in getting to us were we have your membership renewal and mailing back.  The Post Office delay is two weeks or more I’m sure you have the same issues in getting your bills or other correspondence.

  4. We are doing everything that we can do to provide the quickest renewal process but our hands are tied.

  5. If you have not mailed your renewal you can stop at the desk on Thursday after 6:00 p.m. and we can issue a card right there.

We want to thank everyone for their patience this has not been an easy year for you or for the club.  We made it through and will continue to operate with your help.

Thank You


2016 Gun Raffle Listing

Thank you to D&B Arms for the excellent pricing on the raffle prizes. Located in Louisville, be sure to check them out.