Club Open Thursday Nights at 6:00 PM

Club Phone  234-425-8011

League Shooting: We have trap league shooting all year long

Thursday Night Jackpot Shoots

Mapleton gun club Newsletter 10-27-2020

We wanted to update some news items for the club. 

  • The membership renewal letter was mailed Monday Oct 26 2020.  It is reasonable to assume that everyone should receive this letter by November 6th if not contact us at Mapleton Gun Club P.O. Box 30054 East Canton Ohio.

  • We had a break-in at the club October 16th the alarm system functioned and the intruders left.  But they did take our snow blower and damaged our front door which will need replacement. If you have any information please contact the Stark County Sheriff Department.

  • New lightning was installed on Trap 2 in October by our volunteers.


We would like for everyone to renew their membership so that we can continue to provide a shooting range for all of our varied interests.  Also lets us thank all of the Members, Trustees, and Officers who so freely give their time to let us continue.  Whether they are taking care of our website, rifle and pistol ranges or trap ranges plus those who maintain the membership list, pay the bills or repair the clubhouse. We thank everyone for what they do and deeply appreciate it.  Become active if you can we need your skills. 

2016 Gun Raffle Listing

Thank you to D&B Arms for the excellent pricing on the raffle prizes. Located in Louisville, be sure to check them out.

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