The Mapleton Gun Club was formed in 1959 to be a trapshooting club. It was incorporated on 3/21/59 with the state of Ohio (Charter # 279244.) The club purchased the present site in 1963 and built the clubhouse and ranges. The clubhouse is 40’ x 50’ with a porch roof on the front facing the ranges. We have a parking lot on each end of the club grounds.


The club is open to the public only on Thursday nights for trap shooting. For any use of range outside of club events or Thursday night practice, a memerbship is required.

January club meeting (Jan 5) and trapshooting (Jan 6) are both currently canceled.


Since our last shoot on Dec 30th one of those in attendance has been diagnosed with COVID.  In an abundance of caution the club has decided to shut down the clubhouse till January 13th.   There is no indication that the infected individual contracted the disease at the club.   No other individuals that we know were there have contracted the disease.  The club grounds remains open for rifle and pistol shooters.